Kitchen Remodeling

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  It is where we gather at the start and end of the day. Where weeknight dinners and holiday meals are prepared.  Where birthday cakes and family recipe cookies are baked. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your family's heart, but sometimes our kitchens fall short of our needs and desires.  It's time to consider some changes.

Once you have made the decision to make some updates to your kitchen, there are seemingly endless decisions to make.  Should you simply modernize the style with a few simple changes? Should you take the plunge and do a complete overhaul?

By coming to Welcome Home Construction, the kitchen remodeling experts in Richmond, Williamsburg, Charlottesville and Hampton Roads, Virginia, you have taken the first step in making your new kitchen dreams come true.


Once you call Welcome Home Construction, we'll schedule a meeting at your convenience. We will come to your home ready to hear your vision for your new kitchen.  Your total satisfaction is our first priority, so we will

  • Listen carefully to your ideas and take notes

  • Understand your vision and goals

  • Point out potential problems

  • Offer solutions

  • Assess probable costs

  • Help you plan your budget

Once we have a baseline project established, we'll move to the design stage.


This is where we take your kitchen design concepts and turn them into a preliminary draft with our specialty software. We can create a picture of your potential new kitchen including

  • Wall rearrangements

  • Counter and island additions or alterations

  • Appliance locations

  • Fixtures

  • Lighting

  • Finishes 

  • Color Schemes

At this stage, you will begin to get a visual idea of how your new kitchen will appear as you try out different elements. We can easily make revisions until you find the perfect combination. For a totally custom kitchen, we'll help you make selections according to your budget.

With the range of available materials including cabinets, appliances, lights, and plumbing fixtures, narrowing down your custom kitchen style can seem like an overwhelming task. We can help your new space take shape by starting with some established styles and customize from there. 

Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design

Many homeowners in Richmond, VA, tend to appreciate the sleek, understated modern style.

Modern Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen Design

A contemporary look, neither ultra-modern nor retro, and centered around the prevailing home decor trends, pleases more homeowners than any other.

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage Kitchen Design

Hampton Road, VA, homeowners seem especially attracted to the cottage style heavy on carpentry flair.


Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Charlottesville, VA, homeowners seem especially attracted to the cottage style heavy on carpentry flair. We love this design from Fixer Upper.

Coastal Kitchen Design

Is your house located on the miles of waterfront property from Hampton to Virginia Beach? If so, you may want your kitchen built with soft, relaxing hues in a coastal design.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen Design

Williamsburg, VA, homeowners often enjoy a more traditional or historic style, not skimping on carved natural wood features.

If none of the above styles speak to you, contact us to discuss designing a completely custom kitchen. You may have the artistic talent to envision a kitchen with innovative themes and create your very own style. Because the vast array of element choices allows to you design your perfect kitchen, it need not fall into any style category. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and discuss your vision today.

No matter what kitchen design you choose, we will sit down and discuss the best cabinetry, appliances, countertops, and flooring to match your vision.

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Our Kitchen Remodeling Process

Our Kitchen Remodeling Process

Once you have decided upon your style and materials, Welcome Home builders will produce a solid, no obligation estimate for you. While most kitchens hide difficulties under the surface that we can't see until the old kitchen is torn out, our estimates will be honest, accurate and based on decades of combined experience. We recommend that you budget another 10 to 20 percent over the estimate in preparation for surprises under the substrate and voluntary change orders. 

Once you're ready to proceed, Welcome Home Builders contracts with you and you pay a deposit. Here is what you can expect, step-by-step, as the job proceeds.

We will order materials, pick up that which we can transport ourselves, and arrange for delivery of larger items.

Step 1: Material Acquisition

Step 2: Home Preparation and Demolition

We will hang plastic sheeting and lay out drop cloths to protect the rest of your home from dust and debris as much as possible. However, do be prepared for a whole house cleaning by the time all is said and done.

Next, we tear out the old elements (in a partial remodel) or everything down to the bare floors and walls. We will haul away all the debris.

Step 3: Installation

After demolition, we begin the installation. With all the moving parts during this process, expect a lot of daily activity.

As we move through installation, we will keep you informed of our daily progress. We will always consult you if/when we come across difficulties, especially if they will entail extra costs.

Now, your kitchen is complete, and it's time to pay the remaining contracted amount. If you are pleased with our work, we would appreciate a testimonial for future customers.

Step 4: Final Walk-through and Billing